General Auto Market - Alex Hampshire

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Wife got a job working for an auto parts co delivering parts to local garages.As time went on, skirt got shorter and shorter, *** became more and more exposed.

These guys were encouraging her to use her body to sell! Eventually she confessed and told me she regularly carried out sexual favours for orders. I should have known since she started shaving her *** as soon as she started working there.

Now she's in to it there's little I can do!The money she earns is good and she is satisfied with the sex she receives on a daily basis.

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General Auto Market - Uc Auto car dealer

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Not resolved

I bought a car from them at the end of Febuary, here it is frist part of April and I have $1700 worth of repairs I have to do and the warrenty doesnt cover any of the repairs I need to make, and the dealer said that they wouldnt do anything, and when i wanted to return the car they said oh we've sent off the paper work your stuck with it now, sorry.The vehicle was even unsafe for me to drive my daughter in due to a bad tire rod.

This deal is a joke!!!my boy friend was even going to buy a car from them and chose not to based on a mechanic looking over it and saying its got tones of issues.

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